Strategic Action Plan


A strategic action plan presents in sufficient detail the intended activities of staff and associated departments necessary to successfully implement the policy directions of Town Council in furthering the Town's Mission. By clearly identifying agreed upon Focus Areas in this Plan and the corresponding Strategic Initiatives (initiatives) within these Focus Areas, the Town will be able to:

  • Develop appropriate operating budgets
  • Identify and prioritize capital improvement projects
  • Assist in potential revisions to existing capital improvement projects
  • Define new projects and strategic initiatives and ensure that they are matched to appropriate staff and Town resources;
  • Create realistic project schedules that are inline with established Town Council priorities

The strategic action work plan will be updated annually as a road-map for staff to follow while implementing the identified Strategic Initiatives. All initiatives that are not capital improvement projects and require a significant investment of staff support or other similar administrative resources are also included in the Plan. Adherence to the prioritized initiatives contained within this document will help to ensure that staff have the sufficient time and resources necessary to successfully meet expectations. The use of this Plan will also allow for budgetary decisions to be clearly identified and correlated to each initiative. 

The Plan should be regularly updated as part of the overall annual budget adoption process. Any new Strategic Initiatives identified by Town Council following the adoption of the Plan will require coordination with the Town Manager to determine how such projects are ultimately implemented in light of any ongoing project(s) within the approved Plan. This will result in either a re-prioritization of ongoing projects or the inclusion of new initiatives as part of future annual strategic action plans and operational budgets.

The dashboard below provides a snapshot of the work done and progress of each item. If you have any questions about Strategic Action Plan, please email, please email the


Strategic Action Plan Dashboard