Central Drainage Area Project 

Central Drainage Area Project Construction Timeline

What is this project?

The Central Drainage Area project in the Town of Colonial Beach includes the following work:

  • Removal and replacement of approximately 2,270 linear feet of sanitary gravity sewer pipe
  • Installation of approximately 375 linear feet of new gravity sanitary sewer pipe
  • Rehabilitation, reconnection, and reinstatement work of active laterals
  • Repair of existing maintenance holes, installation of new maintenance holes, replacement of an existing conflict maintenance hole,
  • Pipe installation of approximately 1,020 linear feet of new waterlines
  • Installation of new water service lines and meter assemblies
  •  Installation of new fire hydrants
  •  Installation and beautification of all required appurtenances and surface restoration in the project area

When did the planning for this project begin? How long has the project been underway?

  • The project was identified in 2020, and the Town has been planning for the project since 2021.

Why is this project important and critical to the Town of Colonial Beach?

  • This improvement project is critical in addressing the Town’s current water and sewer infrastructure, which is failing and outdated. The existing infrastructure has been in place for over 50+ years. For example, a sinkhole occurred on Washington Ave in February 2023. In its existing state, inflow, and infiltration could result in regulatory penalties and fines by state/federal entities if not addressed.

How is this project funded?

  •  This significant and necessary enhancement to the Town’s vital water and sewer infrastructure was made possible due to the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Federal Funding. This $2.5M project is being funded exclusively by ARPA Federal Funding. This project furthers the Town’s commitment to addressing inflow and infiltration issues and aging infrastructure throughout the downtown area.

Why during peak season?

  • With any construction project or endeavor, there is never a perfect time to start. Due to federal and state timelines linked to the ARPA funding this project received, the construction must commence this summer.

What is the timeline? *

  •  Construction will officially start on June 1, 2023. The Central Drainage Project will be conducted in five phases, with the following areas impacted:

Phase 1 - June-July Sewer -Work on Beach Terrace and Hawthorn Street, near Taylor Ave

Phase 2- July- August Sewer -Work on Taylor Street

Phase 3- July - August

Sewer -Work on Dennison Street

Phase 4- August-September

Sewer -Work on Washington Ave

Phase 5- September-October

Sewer - Work on Colonial Ave

Water**-Work on Beach Terrace, Taylor St, Dennison St., and Hawthorn St.

*Timelines are subject to change based on construction material availability, weather, and any other unforeseen circumstances. The Town will update the timelines and changes via the Town’s webpage.

When will the area be repaved?

  • Repaving will begin at the conclusion of phase five, weather permitting, which requires temperatures above 40 for an extended period.

Will there be any restrictions to the beach?

  •  At this time, we do not foresee any restrictions to our beaches.

Will parking be impacted, and where can I park during construction?

  • Weekday parking will be impacted in construction areas based on the timeline. Options and updates can be found on the Town’s website, on the beaches, and parking page.
  •  The weekend impact will be minimal, and all Town Parking lots (Wilder Ave, Hawthorn, Castlewood) and street parking on Irving Ave will be open and available, as well as street parking. Town parking lot information can be located here.

Will any businesses be impacted? If so, how will the Town support them?

  • Select businesses located on Hawthorn Street and Beach Terrace will be temporarily impacted with the construction. The Town will implement wayfinding signage and other communication tools to help support the businesses during this temporary work.

What outreach have we done for this project?

  • The Town is in the process of rolling out a communication plan leveraging a variety of resources to inform residents and visitors.

What are ways we can support this infrastructure project?

  • We ask the community to get behind these improvements that are critical for infrastructure operations for our Town. Be a champion, an advocate, and a supporter that celebrates these positive enhancements that benefit the community as a whole.

What contractors did the Town work with?

  • The Town is working in collaboration with Dewberry, an engineering and construction firm and Sagres Construction, who was awarded the project in early 2023.

Where can I learn more about the project and receive project updates?

  • Project updates will be posted at www.colonialbeachva.gov.

Who do I contact with any questions about the project?

  • For questions about the project, contact Diane Beyer, Director of Public Works at 804-224-7260.

Thank you for supporting these exciting improvements for the Town of Colonial Beach.