1.Where is Colonial Beach located?

Colonial Beach is located at the northern tip of Virginia's Northern Neck. It is conveniently located 16 miles from the bridge into Maryland, 60 miles from DC, and 70 miles to Richmond.

2.What is Colonial Beach's population?

The population of Colonial Beach is 3,542. During the summer months, the population jumps to around 8,000. 

3.Are dogs allowed on the beach?

Not between April 1 and September 30 of each year.

4.Can I grill on the beach?

No, grilling is not allowed on the beach or the adjacent sidewalks. 

5.What is not allowed on the beach?
  • Any device used for cooking
  • Tents, unless you get permission from the Town Manager
  • Carrying, using, or possessing alcoholic beverages of any type
  • Glass containers
  • Littering
6.Where can I get a fishing license?

You can buy a license from the Department of Game & Inland Fisheries or at the Yacht Center down on the point.

7.When is the pier open?

It is open 24/7, except for July 4th

8.Can I fish off of the beach?

According to section 5-9 in our town ordinances, “It shall be unlawful for any person to fish from the sand beaches or swimming areas except for between the hours of 6 am-10 am and 6 pm-10 pm

9.How much is it to fish off the pier?

It is free to fish off the pier.

10.What do I need to get a town sticker for my car?

You need to have property in Colonial Beach, have your car registered in Colonial Beach, and have your registration say “Town of Colonial Beach.” The sticker is $30.

11.What do I need to get a town sticker for my golf cart?

Inspection and proof of insurance, which you get through you car insurance.

12.Where can I get my golf cart inspected?

Custom Cartz or Beach service Center

13.What does a town sticker get me?

If you have a town sticker, then you get free parking within town.

14.What if I have property in Colonial Beach, but my car is not registered here?

You can pay $100 and get a sticker that is good for a year.

15.Where are council meetings held?

The town center, located right next to the library.

16.Are council meetings open to the public?

Yes, you can also watch them live on our youtube channel.

17.Can the public speak at council meetings?

You can at the town council meetings. You have 3 minutes to speak and must be formally introduced by the mayor.

18.Do I need a permit for a wedding on the beach?


19.When do I need a permit for my event?

If it is on town property and its 25 or more people. For more information call Town Hall. 804-224-7181

20.Where do I get a building permit?

You get a building permit from Planning & Community Development in Town Hall.

21.Where do I get a business permit?

You can get a business license from the finance department. Adam Schaefer or Jalessa Hickman, call 804-224-7183