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Board / Commission Application for Appointment

  1. Board & Commission Application for appointment by Town Council to:
  2. Reside in Colonial Beach*
  3. Occupational History & Specific experience that would prepare you for service as an advisor to the Town Council

  4. Education*
  5. Membership on Boards and Commissions often entails several evening meetings throughout the year. Meeting usually occur one or twice a month. Can we expect you to be available for these meetings?*
  6. Are there any particular evenings during the week on which you would not be available? If so, what are they.
  7. Have you served or do you now serve on any board or commission?*
  8. Are you active in any civic or service organizations?*
  9. Would your membership in such organizations, your professional associations, or business activity pose any potential conflict of interest or inappropriate association as a member of a town board or commission?*
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